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   Tuesday, January 02, 2007  
in case you didnt know,, i dont post here anymore... ^-^
(though maybe i will again one day...)
i thought i might keep it around as an archive, why not.
   posted by jasa at 1:20 AM

   Sunday, June 12, 2005  
a funny thing that is the best at times...
is when music battles occur..
the kind between rooms,,
either from the up and downstairs of a house.
or across the road, the blaring neighbours and your own blare.
or the radio alarm turns on and you are already listnin to something.

it is the combination at random
that may synch up
of its own comfort
that is the supreme being.
jousting its long arms
through the waves to reach past
original signatures.


   posted by jasa at 8:58 AM

   Saturday, April 02, 2005  
poisoners to freshen them clear

pipe cleaners shaved down from catapillars to
stranded feather centres-was my class today.

my pet mold says hi!
all tight snug in a glass apartmentcompartment
the everfresh combust of rose petals
-dont to worry,, the cat won't be jealous.

concurrently the cat in the lampshade over casts the glances.

pipecleanercleansers be had them.
leaving the pets to themselves,, they are a separate issue.

don't forget to spring ahead.

the ever freshly flocked cupcake awaits you eternally under the lampshade..
all a fuzz of bright blue rickety skirt and bright pink fuzz of mops.
under the light of the lampshade.

beyond that reach
the DAT sits patiently on the floor
having spent the evening and to be nighters
to be recharged

and fill with next over sprills of
sewing machines chatterers
train time river riders

seas of streams of paved seams.

while they while they while they wait.
while they wait they while they wait they..

set them straight while they wait.
hem a line
stretch it all the wayyyyyyyyyyyy
every car a stitch
until the cloth runs dry of rolling rooms.

next breath of triver
only what you see is in front of you
its continuance evaporates
its future not yours
the triver runs at its alocated time
catch it then.

the country outside the brick wall,,
full of long grass, when it finds time to grow,
and steelwood long grown bones
to peel away the passing trivers.

now you have a new backyard.

and a new backyard is wanted.

into the city you never saw before,
not as you have seen it,
a new see-saw.


a dream about cherries:

wanting cherries
passed through a fruit stand
the man of the stand un known to my language..
tried to sell me mini cherry trees,,
the first too expensive
the second underdevelopped,,
all i wanted was a bad of cherries..
but i considered the cheaper tree,, thinking of what would come..
almost agreed,, he unknowing of my decision,
handed me a bag of cherries.
without me having payed him, he gave me change, as though i had.
i said nothing, and happy with it all,, went away with my cherries in hand.

   posted by jasa at 2:06 AM

   Sunday, March 13, 2005  

a story about a dog whose tail unravels him,, with a moustachio ;)
   posted by jasa at 10:19 AM

   Wednesday, January 19, 2005  
did you ever feel the need to turn into a cabbage?

now you can!!!!


cabage converter
   posted by jasa at 8:02 PM

   Saturday, January 08, 2005  
So ,,,,

hopefully my electropacoustics teacher has found the time to check the site and give me a mark for class,,,, at long long last..

so now i can finnnnnnallly update !


so,, to update,, the new project is:

The Secret Lunchbox Society

here is a clue:

we did this shoot ages ago.. but the idea was.. non edible desserts.. that were eaten.
chocolate spines,, all deco with rhinestones.
Those are twinkees decorated with whiped cream, sprinkles, shards of metal and mirror.

sculptral feats accomlished with shine.

just reverse it this time.
instead of eating the sculptures
we will wear them and be the desserts.

This is a project for Art Matters put on by Concordia Uni in Montreal.

more about the SLS laters,,, ;)

   posted by jasa at 8:29 AM

   Thursday, November 11, 2004  
Phonetics make your toungue fuzzee
   posted by jasa at 11:23 PM


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